Nevada - Nye County
Claim 00016

During the Depression a visiting deer hunter would spend two weeks every fall at the Bowler Ranch on the banks of the Reese River just a few miles south of the Lander County line. He regularly hunted in Barrett Canyon, due west from the Bowler Ranch, and nearly always bagged an animal.
    One year the visitor was having a more difficult time finding deer than usual. He had hunted on into the late afternoon hiking high in the canyon up to timberline, where he decided to rest awhile. Leaning his rifle against a tree, the hunter sat on a rock beneath the mountain mahogany to scan the countryside. His glance fell on a piece of pink quartz on the ground near his feet and he bent to retrieve it. The unusual color and its heavy weight prompted the hunter to put it in his pocket and then continue his search for game. At the ranch that night he remembered the rock and showed it to the Bowlers. They commented on its attractive color, so he presented it to them. It was promptly placed on a window sill, where it remained for about ten years.
    A prospector visiting them in the 1940's noticed the rock and saw traces of gold showing on the surface. He asked the Bowlers for permission to have it assayed. When they agreed, but asked why he thought it valuable, he promptly broke the rock in half. The center was shot through with gold, and when the assay returns came in it ran $100,000 to the ton!
    The hunter who had originally found the specimen heard about the assay results. He immediately quit his job and spent the rest of his life searching Barrett Canyon for the source of the gold.
    Few examples of rose quartz occur in the Shoshone Mountains. One batch of barren samples was found in the south fork of the canyon, but none of the myriad prospectors who have hunted for it has ever found more of the gold-bearing pink rock.
Nevada Lost Mines & Buried Treasure - By Douglas McDonald, Nevada Publications, 1981, Page 46.


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