Nevada - Nye County
Claim 00013

John Hooley was a rancher in the Reese River Valley just south of the Lander County line. He was a big man, tall and broad, and feared nothing on earth with the possible exception of ghosts. In fact, he refused to set foot outdoors after dark. He was also an accomplished stone mason. Most of the stone and brick buildings standing today along the Reese River were built by him and he laid the first concrete sidewalks in Austin as well. He was highly paid for his expertise, and his ranch was a money maker. When he died suddenly in the 1920s, his family estimated that he should have had in excess of $60,000 saved from all his labors. Try as they would, though, they could not find any of it. Other people have searched all over his property in the intervening years, but no one has ever found a trace.
Nevada Lost Mines & Buried Treasure - By Douglas McDonald, Nevada Publications, 1981, Page 106.


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