Nevada - Lander County
Claim 00003

    In the early 1920's, the three major ranchers in the Reese River Valley decided to build a drift fence along the Shoshone Mountains to keep their cattle from mingling. The O'Toole Ranch owned grazing rights in Ione Valley while the Bell and Keogh Ranches grazed the Reese, and the fence would greatly simplify roundups. An Italian laborer was hired to begin the fence up from Brush Rabbit Spring on the Reese River side to eventually cross over and down Milton Canyon on the Ione side. Soon after beginning, a strange rock appeared in a post hole he was digging. Upon close examination, the rock turned out to be rose quartz shot through with gold.
    The laborer headed into Austin and soon news of the find led to the founding of a tent camp at nearby Woodchuck Spring. Prospect holes were dug all over the area, but not another piece of rose quartz was ever found. On top of that, the discoverer refused to return to look for any more gold. After the excitement died he was asked why, and he replied that he did not want to get gold fever and spend the rest of his life looking for it.
    Perhaps there is a gold deposit hidden near Brush Rabbit Spring, and perhaps not. Rose quartz is very rare in that area; not a single color has ever been panned there; and Milton Canyon was once a common route for prospectors heading from Ione Valley to Austin in the late 19th century. An ore specimen could easily have fallen by the wayside and rested there until found by the fence builder. On the other hand, gold is where you find it, and there could be a bonanza of gold-bearing rose quartz somewhere nearby.
Nevada Lost Mines & Buried Treasure - By Douglas McDonald, Nevada Publications, 1981, Page 55.


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