Nevada - Carson City County
Claim 00004

A stone-cutter and prospector named William Lindsey once found a vein of gold in the mountains west of the Comstock Lode. He gathered enough ore samples to be able to pile them in a pyramid to have a photograph taken. The find was not recorded though, as Lindsey believed the ground where it was located to be land owned by the railroad. Instead, he carefully covered over the vein to keep it secret. When he finally found out the land was free and could be staked upon, he was unable to again find the outcrop. The location is said to be in what is known as the Big "D" district, visible from Carson City, and covered by a "malapi flow".
Nevada Lost Mines & Buried Treasure - By Douglas McDonald, Nevada Publications, 1981, Page 113.


The 1862 Territorial Census shows a "Wm. Lindsey", age 40, living in Ormsby County.